Our Funky Story

High Cotton began a few years ago when I began frequenting yard sales, estate sales and auctions. While I loved doing it, it broke my heart when I saw the things people spent their lives gathering or collecting only to have it sold to people they did not know. I would take their treasures and breathe new life into them where I could. This involved anything from paint to rusty nails, and everything in between. After collecting a whole basement full of these treasures, I began wondering what to do with the ones I couldn’t keep. I ended up leasing space in a vintage store and did well selling my treasures. One day a friend told us of an amazing old 2 story building that was for sale in downtown Dickson, Tennessee and we went and took a look. Things took off from there. We bought the building High Cotton buildingand refurbished it with my personality in mind. Then it was time to bring in the treasures that were created from other peoples possessions. We don’t repurpose everything because we recognize that some things are sacred, such as the Tiger Oak Mantel from the 1800’s that we acquired recently. We do like funky around here though, so we do our ‘thing’ with a little flair, and man do we have a ball doing it! It makes us feel really good to refunk our junk! People’s treasures live on in new homes where they will continue to be loved.



A creative crafter that loves the hunt for more junk that needs a little funk. Viki likes to add a little joy to people’s lives through color and fun.

the Owner


Cindy has been my friend for over 20 years. She is my right hand and loves the store like it is her own. She has been a maker (crafter) ever since I have known her. The girl can operate power tools too! We bicker like sisters because we kinda are, but we are really more like a really small, really, really bad ass gang!



Julie has been a fixture here since day one. She shows up here every Saturday morning like old faithful.Julie was my boss at the Fairview Post Office for 7 years, now the tables have turned… She is great with customers and makes sure our dollar bills are always turned the same way!


Only in “Murica”

Just like the folks that make up the High Cotton team, our store is unique, wonderful and one of a kind. Head to Dickson and pay us a visit. You’ll be glad you did.