We have a New Line of Chalked Paint!

Hey everyone … we have a new line of Chalked Paint by Rust-Oleum. It makes painting easy and smooth and its less expensive than the other brand names! Take a look at this awesome chair painted with Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint… Slap some Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint on this old solid iron Bench (marked down) and make it yours! COME IN AND … Read More

New Items arriving at High Cotton!

  New items are arriving at High Cotton we want every day to be a new and fun experience for our customers! Come in and see the transition that’s going on … Cool Treen Piggys and Chickens!                                               … Read More

Furniture …. you need?

Come on into the store and we will give you some inspiration to revamp your decor in time for the Holidays! Take a look at some furniture we have here at High Cotton.