Atomic Age Cabinet

Very cool and rare metal cabinet from the 1940’s.  Would be prefect as an end table in the more modern eclectic decor. A great conversations piece!

Jewelry Sale

Our awesome Aussie Jewlery selection is now on sale at 20% off!!  Come get ’em while they last.

Jewelry Sale

On sale now …. awesome Aussie Jewlery 20% off!

Easter Blessings

We would like to take this time to wish you and your families a Blessed Easter.

Easter Sunday Spring Purse

The Spring purses are adorable with their butterflies and flowers ….. perfect for your Easter wardrobe or just for something new ….. if you’re like me ‘The Purse-a-holic”! ?

Just in … Antique tobacco stick garden decor.

We now have stars, fences, trellis and planter boxes all made from antique tobacco sticks along with these cool original 1940’s paper flour sacks.  Come pick your’s out before their gone!

Grandmothers Garden Furniture

This antique wrought iron garden furniture got a lil refunked with a touch of turquoise. We’ve got the settee and two planter boxes to match.  How lovely for your for your favorite outdoor spot!

This is how we do it!

Recovered Soda Shop chairs needed some really cool side tables ….. so …. like we do around here …. we decided to funk these garden stools/tables up a notch to match the chairs.  You’ll have to stop by and see how they turned out. ?

Sittin’ and Sippin’

With this warm Spring weather, it’s time to spruce up the porch with the two sassy Soda Shop chairs. Stop by and check out all of of Spring sittin’ and sippin’ furniture!