Timeless Beads

The glitz and glamor of Madi Gras may be over in New Orleans but here at High Cotton, we’ve just begun with our beads.  The perfect addition to any wardrobe ….  no matter the era, they are timeless. 

Pottery Pitchers

Just acquired a few pieces of HULL stoneware from the 1970s like these sweet water pitchers.  We’ve got several other brands you’ll love and be using for years. 

Soul Survivor

I became so attached to this treasure chest after I painted it up, it almost didn’t make it out to the sales floor!  If you’re like me …… the SOUL SURVIVOR ……. you’ll find it the perfect size to hold your memoirs for the book you’ve wanted to write. ?

Wild, Wild West

At High Cotton you’ll find the best selection of one of a kind decor for the Wild, Wild West in you! How about this cow skull plaque for starters.  

High Tea

Every big girl’s dream tea service! This beatiful, delicate tea set with hand painted posies for five BFFs is waiting for that special English Tea Party celebration.  Show them you know how to entertain ….. priced right at $96.00. 

Timeless Austrailian Collection

This necklace made from a vintage pocket watch with floating watch parts, will be worn time and time again …. by itself or combined with another piece of jewelry.  A perfect gift for your valentine! ❤️

Australian Collection

This unique necklace is a genuine mini playable harmonica! We have them in different colors with charms of wings, birds, feathers and guitar.  Come choose one for your true love!

Your Personal Shopper

If you are an indecisive person (can’t make up your mind) ….. we can help you! Gifts or home decor …. leave the guess work to us!

She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah!

It’s hard to believe that 51 years ago the Beatles touched down in America to woo our hearts ….. and to some, they still do.  We have lots of albums to choose from. Come find one to woo the love of your life this Valentine’s Day!

The Jungle comes to HC

We’ve been on a paper safari and mounted our trophies on the wall.  Our fingers applaud your admiration.