A peek at our newly acquired junk.

Well, to be honest, this furniture really isn’t the kind of junk that most consider junk.   These newly acquired pieces are in beautiful and excellent condition …..  just right for the perfect spot in your home.  Come on down to High Cotton and experience that beauty that only the eye can behold. 

Gossip? I don’t gossip!

Did you ever have one of these treasures at your house?  My sisters and I spent hours sitting on one just like this, that sat in our kitchen, talking (gossiping) to our girlfriends or boyfriends ….. on one of those rotary dial phones none the less.  Ohh, the secrets it heard and kept quiet about.  

Paint is IN!

Around here we’ve learned a lot about painting …. painting EVERYTHING!  Did you know you can paint fabric? As in furniture?  Look at our last post and you’ll see a chair in the process of being painted with our new line of assorted colored chalk-like paint ….  Debi’s Design DIY Paint.  Stop by and we’ll be glad to give you some … Read More

All in a day’s work!

Owning a funky junk store is a never ending process of hunting, buying, cleaning, fixing, pricing, rearranging placing the new item in just the right spot.  And around here … we love what we do! Come on in and watch us do what we do best ….. and I just know you’ll love something we bought with you in mind!

It’s What We Do Best!

Around here we love to “funk up the junk“!  A little here and a little there only makes a dull piece perk right up.  Come on down to High Cotton Junk and find just the right funky for yourself!!

Ready To Get Dressed Up!

With a fresh coat of paint and distressed, this dresser is the perfect addition to the decor of any lady’s boudoir …. young or a bit more sophisticated ?. 

Beautiful Furniture!

Look at what we have for you at High Cotton Junk in Dickson TN! Come on over to see our other marvelous pieces of furniture.

Cat Lovers!

Jewelry from the Australian Collection for all you cat lovers!

Something Old ~ Something New

Like a revolving door …. when something goes out something new comes in.  We’ve been junkin’ and BOY do we have new old stuff to show you!